Vernasca Silver Flag
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9-10-11 JUNE 2023 - Vernasca (Piacenza) - Italy

26° Vernasca Silver Flag: Campioni di diventa (... a scuola)          10-11-12 June 2022

On the second weekend of June, the CPAE invites you to Castell’Arquato to participate in the 26th Vernasca Silver Flag.

We will develop the theme of training racing cars.

With "Champions become ... at school!" we will talk about the cars, from the pre-war Maserati to the Cisitalia D46, before getting to the Junior formula and then the Formula Fords up to the more recent Italy and Abarth. With the same attention we will talk about the cars of the Rally and more generally of the road races, not only in Italy. With the Renault Gordini, the Simca, the Peugeot alongside our A112 and the other models of the FIAT group. And, yet, a tribute to Motor Valley single-brand models, to Dallara celebrating the half a century of success.

We will give shape to the dreams of many aspiring drivers who have never been able to wear helmets and suit and to the memories of those who, instead, have challenged themselves, as well as their opponents, on the tracks or in the special test.

The formula of the Silver always remains the same: a celebration of passion and a weekend dedicated to the friendship, the culture, the beauty of the cars and to this corner of the Piacenza Apennines, made even more involved by the generous hospitality of our people.

The whole CPAE invites you to Castell’Arquato. Start your engines! The Silver Flag is ready to start again.

25° Vernasca Silver Flag 



Vernasca Silver Flag, presents: "364 days to June"

Dear friends, drivers and enthusiasts,

The closer we get to the end of June, the harder it is to forget the that the time to fire up the engines for the Vernasca Silver Flag would normally be almost upon us. This year we won’t be able to attack the winding road to Vernasca, or to bathe in the crowd’s appreciation.

To make up for this, we have prepared a virtual surprise for you.

Be sure to go to our official Facebook page Saturday at 10:30AM, which is when the Italian tricolour would normally signal the start of the first run.

It will be a chance to share images, emotions, desires and memories, as if we were there, pushed into our seats, with our helmet on our head and a steering wheel in our hands. Don’t forget your car! Post a photo of the car you would have liked to use or of you taking part. It will be a virtual paddock worthy of the Silver Flag.

And lastly, SAVE THE DATE: the next real-life edition of the Silver Flag will take place on 25th -27th June 2021.


The Vernasca Silver Flag Organising Committee


TAG Heuer and Vernasca Silver Flag united by passion give you an appointment for 25-26-27 June 2021

25° Vernasca Silver Flag - This year’s theme is “Museums in Motion”.

This year the CPAE (Club Piacentino Automotoveicoli d’Epoca) is celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Vernasca Silver Flag.

This event retraces the steps of the Castell’Arquato-Vernasca timed hillclimb. What was once an important race meeting is now a festival of motor-car elegance which attracts enthusiasts from all over the world. Since its inception, the event has been set apart by its unique format as a dynamic competition of elegance, avoiding any timed runs. This is a special date, distinguished by the quality and beauty of the participant’s cars as well as by the charming scenery and the warm hospitality of the people of Emilia.

Collectors from all the world over come together in this corner of the Appenines during a week-end in the early summer to creating something special. Their unique and precious vehicles form such a beautiful and comprehensive collection that it could be put on show in a cultural institution. This has led us to celebrate this special anniversary this year by choosing a different type of theme: “Museums in Motion”.

We would like to celebrate the decisive role that the car has had in the culture of the past century by exploring its stylistic development, its role in society and its sporting history. It will be a journey through time accompanied by the seductive bodywork, the growling engines and the feelings they are capable of instilling.

This is what we will do on the 26th, 27th and 28th June. Here at the CPAE we think of the culture of motorsport as something which is kept alive by people’s passion. Continuous development and renewal is vital if it is to thrive, but we must never loose sight of the thread of tradition. This is why, for one week-end, the cars will leave the various manufacturer’s museums and arrive in Castell’Arquato. They will be able to tell their story, renew emotions and leave a mark of beauty and hope for the future.