Vernasca Silver Flag
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9-10-11 JUNE 2023 - Vernasca (Piacenza) - Italy

Awards Competition for Dynamic Conservation and Restauration for Cars Competition

CHART 2018

CHART 2017

CHART 2016

CHART 2015

CHART 2014

CHART 2013


Best of Show pre war car

Best of Show post war car

TAG Heuer Prize for most representative racing car in Hillclimb race Story

Coys “Spirit of Motoring” Trophy

Best Lancia Trophy

Best Touring Cars Trophy

Best Gt Cars Trophy

Best Sport Cars Trophy

Best Italian Etceterine Sport Cars Trophy

Best Sport-Prototype Cars Trophy

Best Trophy For Sport 2 Litres “The King Of Hillclimb”

Best Front Engined Monopostos Trophy

Best Rear Engined Monopostos Trophy

Best Pre War Cars Trophy

Paolo Silva Trophy for most representative racing car for Castell’Arquato-Vernasca history

Fratelli Maserati Prize for best Maserati-Osca

Circuito di Piacenza Prize for best Ferrari

Giuseppe Merosi Prize for best Alfa Romeo

Silvano Maggi Prize for the most winner Ferrari

Historic Fiat Register Trophy for the best Fiat

Best Abarth Car Prize

Porsche Italia Prize for the best competition Porsche

Giuseppe Figoni Coachbuilder Prize for the most elegant car

Prize for the competitor who as travelled the furthest